Here are a few of our most popular charter destinations to choose from but feel free to contact us about any ideas you have to make your boat day the best day! 


Enjoy the Islands most vibrant reefs, full of life and color. Our guides know the best reefs to suit your group, whether it's adventure or relaxing snorkeling you want we've got you covered.


We will make sure you can enjoy the natural beauty and marine life interactions safely. We have been enjoying and exploring these reefs for years, now it's your turn!

Stingray City

One of the most unique experiences there is, Stingray City is the Islands most famous attraction and a must see! Visit with our favorite southern stingrays in waist deep, crystal clear water. For over 30 years people have been coming here holding and hugging these gentle, friendly rays. Island tradition is to give one a kiss for seven years of good luck!

Starfish Point

We will pull right up onto the beach for you to enjoy the beautiful starfish beach in style. 

Crack open a beer and turn up the tunes or let the kids loose and play in the sand with the starfish. Island time!


Take a trip around Booby Quay, a beautiful, sheltered mangrove island. Highly protected by Cayman law the mangroves are vitally important to our eco system. Learn about what they provide and how they do so. Keep your eyes open for starfish, schools of juvenile fish and even a nurse shark or two!

Kaibo or Rum Point

Step back onto dry land and give your sea legs a rest! Grab a bite to eat and treat yourself to an island famous mudslide! Local food on the beach is always hard to beat. And as for the mudslide...well you just have to try one!

Bio Bay

Grand Cayman's bioluminescent bay is truely one of nature's treasures. Set out as the sun sets and get to the Bio Bay as night falls. Millions of biolumenecent plankton have made the bay their home. Once dark the water in the bay will glow at every touch! Imagine swimming among millions of fire flies